What kind of proxies are these?

We sell datacenter proxies and static residential proxies, and all proxies from both kinds are dedicated and never shared. Our datacenter proxies are expertly sourced and optimized to work best on the ecommerce platform chosen. A static residential proxy IP is known to be similar to a dedicated proxy or datacenter proxy, but guaranteed to use premium IPs from a broadband ISP. Proxies can be sent in IP:PORT:USERNAME:PASSWORD format or authorized via IP authentication.

What sites do your residential proxies support?

Our static residential proxies support ecommerce websites like Shopify, Footlocker, Nike, adidas, Supreme, and more. The list of supported sites is subject to change, consequently we cannot guarantee they will always be supported.

What location do I choose to buy my proxies?

Choose a location or region that is closest to the computer (or server) you'll be using during the product release.

Why does location matter?

The closer your computer/server is to the proxies, the better speeds your proxies will have. This has to do with something called latency, the lower your latency is the quicker your proxies will be.

Can I test my proxies?

All proxies are tested before they are sent out to ensure they are of quality and up to speed. We do not recommend testing more than 1 or 2 times MAX, otherwise you will risk banning them. Any misuse or overtesting of the proxies is prohibited.

Will these proxies work with my bot?

It is the user's responsibility to know whether or not these proxies will work with their bot and how to properly implement these proxies on their bot as well, Taskbot users and Google Chrome extension users especially. Most users struggle with implementing proxies on Mac devices if the proxies are in username:password format. If you are using a program on a Mac device be sure to request IP authenticated proxies so there are no issues when connecting to the proxies.

How can I use my proxies efficiently?

Internet speed is a huge factor, the faster your internet faster the faster your proxies will be. Although a server isn't essential it is recommended to use one to achieve the best speeds and ultimately the best results.